Information about the Interreg Small Project Fund and our project:
Project participants / collaborators:

TBA RACING, Sipossa 30, 93601 Sahy and M&B Autó és Motor Sport Egysület, Rákóczi út 32 / A, 2344 Dömsöd.

Aim of the project:
The aim of this project is to create a detailed programme regarding transport safety, which will prioritize primary school children aged 11-15 and students of special schools. These events are made possible by the cooperation of Šahy-based TBA racing and Dömsöd-based M&B Autó és Motor SE, strengthening the long-lasting connection between the two organizations. Two of the events will take place in Šahy, and another two in Dömsöd. The two professional racing teams will handle the four cross-border events with mutual strength, in which 60 students (30 from Šahy and 30 from Dömsöd) will participate, including handicapped and disadvantaged children, who will have the chance to gain useful skills with the help of our professional sports equipment, in order to possibly save their lives in the future, in case an unexpected situation of crisis happens on the road. Within the frameworks of this event a professional theoretical and practical education will be held by our racers and teachers, focusing on the rules of the roads and racetracks. With that we aim to lay down the foundations of such educational and traffic safety programme that will live on and will help hundreds of other children to learn the handling of an automobile from the basics, thus ensuring that they will be able to try out the crisis situations on various roads, without the slightest of dangers. With the assistance of our experts they can also practice the awareness in crisis situations and the proper steps to their resolution until it becomes instinctive. We put a great emphasis on the cross-border nature of the project, because we believe that the children living in areas near the borderline connect to each other much less than before, as the schools don’t provide enough opportunities for the youngsters to get in touch and form a cohesive unit. We see the future in the children, and we know that the relationships created in the youth of these children will be the catalyst to further popularize the sport.

Information about the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program:
The aim of the Small Project Fund is to strengthen cross-border social cohesion by supporting cooperation at local levels, to establish and develop long-term cooperation, with grants obtained through projects that can be used on both sides of the border.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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