SKHU/WETA/1901/4.1/035 – ‘Good driver – safe arrival’



The aim of this project is to create a detailed programme regarding transport safety, which will prioritize primary school children aged 11-15 and students of special schools.

These events are made possible by the cooperation of Šahy-based TBA racing and Dömsöd-based M&B Autó és Motor SE, strengthening the long-lasting connection between the two organizations. Two of the events will take place in Šahy, and another two in Dömsöd. The two professional racing teams will handle the four cross-border events with mutual strength, in which 60 students (30 from Šahy and 30 from Dömsöd) will participate, including handicapped and disadvantaged children, who will have the chance to gain useful skills with the help of our professional sports equipment, in order to possibly save their lives in the future, in case an unexpected situation of crisis happens on the road.

This project offers a total amount of 60 youngster (30 from Sahy, 30 from Dömsöd) with the opportunity to develop their driving skills using professional sports equipment. The first event will take place on 19 August 2020 in Ipolyság. The second event will take place on August 22 in Dömsöd. There will be both theoretical and practical training, as well as practice on both road and racetrack sections.

TBA racing is a Professional motorsport racing team, founded in Sahy in 1997. Throughout the last 23 years, it became one of the leading racing teams on the Central European stage. Its members are multiple times Slovakian, Hungarian and Central European champions in
autocross, gokart and marathon off-roadrally. M&B Autó és Motor SE from Dömsöd has achieved 15 championship titles over the last 18 years. Hovewer, the team doesn’t only focuses on racing, it also supports young drivers. This cross-border cooperation is based on the two team’s long lasting friendship and mutual support.

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